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Opinion: Notre Dame football begins to make waves

Notre Dame football has seen a lot of unexpected success this season.

November 27, 2012

Notre Dame football has seen a lot of unexpected success this season.

The Notre Dame football program has been irrelevant since Brady Quinn left to go to the NFL back in 2007. Even when he was there, they still were not that good. It was only until this season that they started to make waves in the BCS standings. The Irish started out the season unranked, but are now the number one team in the country and in line to play for the National Championship in January. This will be the first time in the BCS era that a preseason unranked team will play for the National Championship. Depending on the outcome of the SEC championship game, Notre Dame will face either Georgia or Alabama for the championship. Now everyone knows that the SEC dominates college football, and have done so for the past few decades. Although they were almost held out of the championship this year, thanks to Oregon and Kansas State choking in the final two weeks, the SEC will have a chance to defend the National Championship. We will have to wait and see, but the prediction of most college football analysts is that Georgia or Alabama will roll over Notre Dame. Georgia and Alabama have had very tough schedules and Notre Dame has only had to play a few ranked teams all year. But who knows, maybe the luck of the Irish will prevail and Notre will steal the championship away from the SEC.

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