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Opinion: “Skyfall” is sure to please

"Skyfall" will keep you engaged from the very beginning to the bitter end.

December 5, 2012

“Skyfall” will keep you engaged from the very beginning to the bitter end.

James Bond is famously known for his exceptional action and spy movies. The movie Skyfall is the twenty-third movie in the series of James Bond. This was my first time seeing a full James Bond movie, and I was very impressed. I’m normally not the type to enjoy action movies either, but this was definitely the best one I’ve seen (then again I haven’t seen many action or spy movies).

In the movie Skyfall, Bond uses his spy-like ways to investigate an attack on the secret MI6 system. At the beginning of the movie, he suffers a hard fall, and takes a little bit of time off from his spy work. He then comes back when the attack on the MI6 takes place, and he is assigned the job of killing a former MI6 agent, the one who is behind the sabotage to MI6’s system. The movie follows him through all his missions, such as his intense fights, shooting scenes, and suspenseful car chases. Bond is always so exciting!

Bond also makes this movie one you can’t take your eyes off of. So much is happening at all times in the film. This movie was also different because I felt like I understood what was happening more than I normally do with action movies. I’m usually that girl who doesn’t understand anything going on in any other action or spy movie, but in Skyfall I felt like I could keep up.

The movie Skyfall is a must-see, in my opinion. It has all the qualities of a good movie: it kept me entertained and excited during the movie, it’s easy to understand, it had a good plot, and it kept me thinking about it even after it was over. Overall, I was extremely impressed with the movie.

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