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Opinion: Jack and Finn Videos combine the best of both worlds

The YouTube channel "JacksGap" will keep you laughing and thoroughly entertained.

February 1, 2013

The YouTube channel "JacksGap" will keep you laughing and thoroughly entertained.

The YouTube channel “JacksGap” will keep you laughing and thoroughly entertained.

If one British lad isn’t already attractive, try two… that are twins. Jack Harries has a YouTube channel called “JacksGap” which is extremely popular, seeing that each video he posts gets about one million views on average. He started making these videos in the Fall of 2010, but I didn’t start watching them until my friend told me about them a few weeks ago. Not only are the videos down right hilarious, but they are extremely attractive, in the sense that there are two extremely good looking twin, British teens… I mean, talk about attractiveness overload.

The first video I watched was an older video when Jack first introduces his identical twin, Finn to the YouTube world, entitled “Twins.” When I say that these videos are funny, I’m speaking the truth. I literally find my stuff laughing out loud. The next video I watched was uploaded to YouTube about a month ago, and let me tell you, the twins got even more attractive… and the videos got better. My favorite video would probably be when the Harries Twins were trying to see if they had twin telepathy or not. They were joined by another great YouTube sensation, “Danisnotonfire.” They had this idea to wrap tin foil around their heads and connect it in the middle, attempting to create pathway connecting their brains. The whole time that they were molding the foil, they would not stop laughing. Sometimes people don’t look very attractive when the laugh, however, Jack and Finn still look like attractive and cheeky chaps.

It’s amazing how the YouTube world can make people famous after just watching a few of their videos. Jack was also famous for being in a few British TV programs, but I think that YouTube videos are his knack, and with his brother Finn, their success is unstoppable. I hope that they’re going to keep making more videos. I mean, that would just mean more opportunities to look at some very attractive British twins.

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