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Movie Review: Warm Bodies

February 10, 2013


The zombie-filled movie Warm Bodies was surprisingly entertaining.

Never in my life have I thought that I would one day find zombies attractive. The day has come, and right now, all I want is an undead boyfriend. Warm Bodies is not only humorous and cute, but a fresh look at your traditional romantic comedy.

This post-apocalyptic romance combines all elements of modern pop-culture. Warm Bodies has the guy and the girl, sci-fi elements of impending doom, an epic battle scene and of course, snarky comebacks.

I must say, I was extremely impressed with all the actors who played zombies’ ability to be zombies. It was hilarious watching them wander around with blank expressions, making the occasional effort to grunt.

So the story starts in a time after the most of the world had been infected with a virus that turns them into corpses. R is a zombie who thinks too much, but like the rest of the corpses, can’t put those thoughts into words. Nicholas Hoult plays the most attractive zombie I have had the good fortune of laying my eyes on. He falls for Julie (Teresa Palmer), with the traditional love-at-first-sight method, and falls even harder after eating her boyfriend’s brains. (Zombies can read memories through eating the brains of humans. It makes them feel alive again like nothing else.) R’s humanity begins to come back to him, and that humanity spreads.

“True love conquers all” is really the age-old message once again portrayed in Warm Bodies, but the way that moral is reached is unorthodox, original, and truly hilarious.

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