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Blog: How to get a date in time for Valentine’s Day

February 14th... it's the day that you miss elementary school the most because everyone was everyone else's Valentine.

February 13, 2013

February 14th... it's the day that you miss elementary school the most because everyone was everyone else's Valentine.

February 14th… it’s the day that you miss elementary school the most because everyone was everyone else’s Valentine.

Ahh February, the month of love and my birthday, is upon us once more. For some reason during this grand time of year, people tend to feel compelled to snag themselves a sweetiepie in time for Valentine’s Day. Well folks, the clock’s a-tickin’ and the big one-four of the month is fast approaching.

School is a great place to find and acquaint yourself with new crushes. You can sit next to that hot guy in your calculus class, or borrow notes from the cute girl that sits two seats away from you in biology. And that’s all well and good if you happen to share the same class, but how are you supposed to mack on somebody if you don’t even share any classes (without being totally, embarrassingly obvious)? Never fear dear friends, Katrina is here and I’ve got a few tips:

-Bump into them in the cafeteria. Yes, this could require waiting patiently in the cafeteria until your person of interest shows up and then hurriedly wrestling you way in line directly behind them, but once the two of you “accidentally” reach for the same spicy chicken sandwich and your hands touch, it’ll be worth the wait. Even if, you know, it seems a little stalkerish.

-The ol’ drop-your-books trick. High school is riddled with kids falling over imaginary cracks in the hallways, so it won’t look out of the ordinary for you to “trip” in the hallway and drop your books in front of your crush.
Note: if your crush is a rebel baller type, helping you pick up your books might ruin their reputation. Don’t be hurt; just interpret their cool smirk and/or mean laughter as a sign of ultimate admiration.

-Detention. Every school has one of those teachers who likes matchmaking. I’m not completely sure who it might be at HHS, but if you do then get on their good side and ask them to put you and your person of interest in Saturday morning detention together. If it worked for the Breakfast Club, then there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work for you.

-Send them secret admirer notes. “Roses are red, violets are blue, you might not know me, but I love watching you.” Creepy? More like invested.

-Talk to them between classes. Our school is small enough that you can use your 5-minute breaks to strike up random conversations with your prey, er, infatuant. I recommend memorizing their schedule to make the in-between-classes hunt easier. Start out with small things like “If you were a pirate, would you rather have an eye patch or a peg leg?” and slowly build up to bigger conversations, like “Will you run away with me?” Actually talking to your crush will make him/her think you’re friendly and not a scary and overbearing psycho.

-Get their attention. Nothing quite catches a person’s attention like having a morning announcement dedicated to them or wearing a t-shirt with their face on it. This move will very likely attract everyone’s attention, not just your crush’s, and maybe even provoke some teasing from all sides. But I promise, it’ll all be worth it to see your boo’s face widen with shock and confusion flattery.

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