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Top 10 Reasons to take a Journalism Course

Become a member of the award-winning Harrisonburg High School Newsstreak staff!

February 20, 2013

Become a member of the award-winning Harrisonburg High School Newsstreak staff!

Become a member of the award-winning Harrisonburg High School Newsstreak staff!

This week is National Scholastic Journalism Week and the Newsstreak staff is giving its readers the Top 10 Reasons to take a Journalism Course:

1. Seeing your name in print.  The excitement of seeing your byline on a newspaper article and having people congratulate you is indescribable.

2. Learning occurs in a fun, exciting, and innovative environment; it’s unlike any other class you’ve ever had.

3. Journalist students have opportunities to take student trips to workshops and conferences where they meet journalism students from other schools and compare their work.

4. Journalism students learn marketable skills in word processing, computer literacy, and desktop publishing.

5. Journalism training makes term papers and research reports much easier to do.

6. Research shows that students who take journalism or are on a publication staff in high
school generally score higher on the SAT/ACT.

7. College admissions people like to see students who have a journalism/publication background because it’s a strong indication that they can write.

8. These same students, on the average, do better in ALL areas in college.

9. Journalism students get to meet and talk to people that they would never encounter otherwise.  They conquer fears and learn to work outside their “comfort zone.”

10. BEST OF ALL, when a student takes a journalism course, he/she is involved in a learning process that affects the entire school.  Whether it be producing the school newspaper, taking pictures for the publication, or learning to write better and develop marketable skills, journalism makes a student feel good about him or herself.

Be sure to tune in to the morning broadcasts this week for news and information about the different contests that Newsstreak will be announcing!

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