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March Madness will be trickier than ever this year

This year, any team could end up on top of your March Madness bracket.

March 21, 2013

This year, any team could end up on top of your March Madness bracket.

This year, any team could end up on top of your March Madness bracket.

March Madness is played by millions of people every spring, but this year’s March Madness will be a lot different. This is all due to the fact that picking who wins it all will be the hardest decision of your life. The number 1 ranking was as inconsistent as you will ever find it. In the final weeks of the regular season, the number one spot changed five times. Teams that started in the top five, such as Kentucky (started third overall), was just eliminated from the first round of the NIT. Teams bounced all over the top 25 due to the number of upsets that happened this season: NC State beating Duke, Wisconsin beating Michigan, Villanova beating Louisville, UVA taking down Duke. You honestly never knew who was going to come away with a win. So how will this be affecting your brackets this March? It isn’t going to be easy. And the top 9 teams have all been atop the rankings and could all have been placed as a one seed. Unless your looking at a 1 seed 16 seed matchup, you might as well just flip a coin to see who you pick, because you just don’t know who could come away on top this year. The big story would have to be Florida Gulf Coast University being the first 15 seed to win two games in the NCAA tournament. If you couldn’t see the seeds and watched FGCU against powerhouse Georgetown, you would think that Georgetown was the 15 seed and FGCU was the 2. Only .095% of the 8 million brackets picked FGCU winning in the first round. But the most important part of March Madness to most of the world are how well they are doing in their brackets.

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