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Spring fashion hits racks despite the chilly temperatures

The ever popular infinity scarf loses it's weight this spring.

March 27, 2013

The ever popular infinity scarf loses it's weight this spring.

The ever popular infinity scarf loses it’s weight this spring.

Spring brings to mind bland, faded pastels and disgustingly sweet collared shirts. Not exactly what one would call exciting, or even attractive. While Target may not be the most high-class establishment, it honors the runway trends while bringing them down to size.

This spring still holds true to the oldest traditions in the season’s fashion, but it’s giving it both an edge and a new twist.

Pastels, to be fair, are pretty popular this season. But instead of seeing pastel good-girl dresses and your teacher’s khaki pants, Target’s bringing out the flowered denim jackets in sea-foam green. Talk about an upgrade. The colors themselves are better, still pastel, but leaning towards the neon trend that won’t seem to go away. They’ve expanded into colors away from ordinary pink and baby blue (such as sea-foam green, and peach) making this an anticipated trend.

The new take on the collared shirt is making an appearance this spring. Instead of the sweet predictable ones we’ve seen, there are shirts that tie in front with hardware buttons, ombre, and pinstriped. They’re really versatile, and can be worn with many other trends (like the pastel skinny ankle jeans covering stores) or with basics to create a classic look.

Prints and interesting dye-jobs are also being seen this season. Pants and shorts have flowered, wallpaper-esque prints, as well as girlier finds like hearts and stripes. Ombre has been huge this year – showing up in both hair and clothes. Spring’s take puts it into – what else – the updated pastel.

As usual, the trends in footwear and accessories mirror those seen on the racks.

Scarves have been huge this year, and spring brings light and floaty scarves in (of course) neon colors and crazy prints.

Belts are starting to become a major part of a lot of outfits, and we’re beginning to change the way we wear them. They’re definitely not just for keeping your pants up anymore, but for making the line of your waist colorful and matching your outfit. Nothing wrong with that.

Hardware hasn’t been as big this year, but it is coming into play in the form of shoes with studs and in metallic colors. Pointy-toed heels and combat boots are the new cool-girl uniform.

Of course, with the weather comes open-toed shoes and sandals. They are in bright colors, and wrapped wedges. Rain boots that make you pray for rain are showing up in prints.

Overall it’s shaping up to be an interesting and unique spring for fashion.



















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