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App of the Week: Wattpad

March 28, 2013


Wattpad comes at an exceptional price – free.

Wattpad is a popular app on iTunes that has been in the top five book apps for three years. Wattpad allows you to make up your own stories, publish them, and read other people’s stories, all within the app. It has different categories like Teen Fiction, Non-Teen Fiction, ChickLit, Werewolf, Vampire, Romance, Humor, Drama, Thriller, and many others for readers to check out. It also has clubs for writers, editors, and readers. Through the app, you can search for what Wattpad books are popular, top rated, new, or even recipients of a Watty Award. Additionally, you can vote, comment and rate the book you are reading. And the best part about Wattpad is that it is FREE, so anyone can download it from the App Store.

I downloaded this app over winter break and so far, I love it. I take my iPod everywhere and read Wattpad in all of my classes. I was really surprised that anyone could publish a story on there, because I originally thought the stories were from authors who had previously published books. Some of the stories have a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes, but a majority are well-written and edited.

The clubs are great if you want to become an editor for someone, or if you want other readers to check out your own story by writing on one of the club’s message boards.

I would recommend this app for anyone who is an aspiring, upcoming author because it is great practice for writing, and readers can comment on each chapter and offer advice for improving your work. It’s a way you can connect with readers and ask them questions on whether or not they like your story. I give this app five out of five stars because most of the stories are interesting and instantly grab your attention. You can check out the website at www.wattpad.com!

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