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Qdoba vs. Chipotle

March 29, 2013

Although Chipotle and Qdoba's menus are virtually identical, students still have their preference of Mexican Grill.

Although Chipotle and Qdoba’s menus are virtually identical, students still have their preference of Mexican Grill.

There are countless amounts of unanswered questions; whether the chicken or the egg came first, if humans were created by creation or evolution, and what seems to be the hardest one of all, Chipotle or Qdoba 

Both restaurants are classified as Mexican grills, and were built within the Harrisonburg Crossing Shopping Center. Ever since Chipotle came to town to challenge Qdoba, there has been a never ending argument over which restaurant’s food is better.

Senior Krutarth Patel has eaten at Qdoba regularly since his freshman year.

“I tried Chipotle twice, and I never liked what I got. The thing I don’t like about [Chipotle] is that they don’t have queso. I have to have queso in my burritos, or else it doesn’t taste the same,” Patel said.

Besides Chipotle’s lack of queso, the menus for both of the restaurants are almost identical. They offer the same dishes, with the only difference being the name of their items, like the naked burrito at Qboda, and the burrito bowl at Chipotle.

Freshman Dylan Grogg is a self-acclaimed ‘die-hard’ Chipotle fan.

“Literally every part of Chipotle is better. Their meat is seasoned and tastes better, and their pico de gallo is out of this world,” Grogg said.

It’s hard to determine how many students would be able to differentiate the two Mexican grills if they participated in a blind taste test. The food is so similar at the two restaurants, that biased opinions could be the only factor causing students to side with one over the other, or just the nature of their advertisement.

“I love how Chipotle emphasizes their attempts to go green and organic, they put so many catchy sayings on their t-shirts and cups,” Grogg said.

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